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Marty was courteous and friendly. I contacted Precision Door to find out what was wrong with my Genie door opener and if it could be repaired. I was never told what was wrong with it or whether or not it could be repaired (I did later see a review that they don't install Genie products so I am still wondering if mine can be repaired)... Instead he tried to sell me a new door. Why? Because my door (which even he admitted is in great condition still) is old and heavy. When I said a new door was not happening he explained that he was recommending it because one of my springs was not in great condition and the other spring was doing all of the heavy lifting (a new door would be lighter and have a different spring system). When I asked point blank if the spring could just be replaced I found out it could but that they don't carry springs that large and it would have to be ordered. While he was figuring out a new estimate for me I started looking online for spring costs. Well, I was quite surprised when Marty's quote for springs was 3 times the retail price I found online. I understand businesses mark up the products they sell but 3 times the RETAIL price is a bit excessive. Your staff is friendly and I don't doubt that your company has good products and does good work. I do however wonder about your honesty and integrity. I value honesty and the way this visit was handled does not make me comfortable with your company.
Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Repair

I was satisfied with the work done but the price on the roller was a rip off. 10 rollers run about $15. I was charged $100
Elizabeth Gates
Service Provided:
Garage Door Repair

The door opener that I picked out over the phone was not the one that was installed. I thought that I arrainged a belt driven door opener with a lifetime warrently on the motor and the belt. A chain driven unit was installed. Since I was not able to be home at the time I had a someone meet the technician at the house. In my mind I thought the technician would be informed of the unit I had asked for over the phone. This was not the case, and I am partly responsible for not communicating what I had purchased to my friend that was meeting the technician. I really thought that everything was set up when I made my selection over the phone. Something to consider is to communicate the selection with the technician before they reach the customers house. According to my friend, the technician had no idea what I had selected. This was a learning experience for me. Thank you for your time. Oh and by the way, I do like the new opener.
Colleen OBrien
A Response from: Ron

Thank you very much for your comments, we really appreciate you as our customer. We apologize for any lack of communication on our part. Also, we do record all of our incoming phone calls for training purposes, and since we seemed to have a communication issue we did review this call. We found that our representative did a great job of explaining several opener models for over 8 min's on the phone with our customer. At first our customer stated that she was very interested in the chain drives and that's probably what she wanted. Next our representative explained the belt drive models we offer & prices, and asked for all of the customers information, and continued to schedule the appointment. Our customer did say that the belt drives sounded excellent. Next, our representative answered a few more questions about accessories and prices. At the end of the call, the customer did not give a clear indication of which opener she chose. Our representative listed all options that she talked about on our work order for the technician. We apologize that she did not ask again if the customer had narrowed it down to one choice. She did do a great job of taking the time of about 11 minutes total to accommodate all of our customer's questions. It is unfortunate that the customer's neighbor did not know exactly what opener the customer wanted when our technician arrived to do the work. We really try hard to make all of our customers happy and do really appreciate the comments and feedback to help us improve!

Service Provided:
Garage Door Opener Install